The Pearlman Spiral cosmology model

cosmological redshift hypothesis for:

"Distant Starlight and the Age, Formation and Structure of the Universe"

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AKA 'Distant Starlight and Torah'

Uses "The Pearlman SPIRAL" cosmological redshift hypothesis and cosmology model to explain why the cosmological redshift of distant starlight attests to the Torah narrative and timeline. 

'The Pearlman SPIRALL' or 'SPIRAL' for short :)
A cosmilogical redshift hypothesis.

Distant starlight has cosmological redshift.
The best explanation of the scientific factual evidence of our natural observations of distant starlight (the best science):
Is consistent with the Torah narrative and a YeC timeline.
Is not consistent with any deep-time dependent scientific hypotheses.

“The Pearlman SPIRAL” is an alternate hypothesis to Cosmic Expansion on the cause of Cosmological Redshift (CR). If it continues to hold up to scientific rigor The SPIRAL falsifies (renders scientificaly invalid) :

  • Huble's law regarding cosmic expansion.
  • Homogenius view aspects of the cosmological principle.
  • The Copernican Principle.
  • All deep-time dependent scientific hypothesis.

The Pearlman SPIRAL shows:

  • No ongoing cosmic expansion.
  • An Earth/sun ecliptic centric universe, 
  • Our having an optimal view of the entire universe.
  • Our having the optimal view in the entire universe.
  • The predicted view from any point in the universe.
  • The physical universe approximates our visible universe.
  • Cosmilogical redshift is empiracal evidence of a cosmic inflation epoch.
  • CR is empiracal evidence stellar formation preceeded that cosmic inflation.
  • The age of the universe is capped by LY distance to the nearest CR.
  • A tool to calculate the exact age of the universe.
  • Testable predictions on where CR and the 'outer universe' begins.
  • Why 5,777 to date (as of Shevat 5,777 - Feb. 2017) years is the best scientific estimate for the age of the universe.

Formulated in April of 2013, if able please purchase, read, enjoy, review,  recommend and share, to the extent warranted.
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'Distant Starlight and the Age, Formation and Structure of the Universe'
Including SPIRAL hypothesis how/why cosmological redshift of distant starlight attests to the Torah testimony narrative and timeline..
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'Distant Starlight and Torah'