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Torah Discovery:
Tehachapi CA. 93561
Phone: 661-221-2837
Text: 661-221-8588
E-Mail: rmp@torahdiscovery.org 

Beis Medrash, Davening, Torah Study
Daf Yomi  /  Parsha preview / Torah and Science alignment

Walk to Shul: Looking at obtaining a new facility for daily services and a Shabbos minyan w/in walk to shul.

Summer, Vacation, School Year or Year round.

Healthy, Serene, Affordable, Relax, Recharge and Learn More.

'Twice the Home for Half the Money' 
Walk to shul - pending finding a suited space.
Great locations/views.
3-5 bed 2-3  bath Houses from $300k
Manufactured and starter homes from $150k.
Buildable Lots from $25k
Lease from: Apartments $750, Houses $1300.
Tehachapi CA. 93561
100 miles/minutes, from Cambridge Farms Kosher supermarket on Burbank Blvd.
50 Miles/minutes to Trader Joes and Costco..
Some items avialable, or by special order, locally.

Healthy and Serene. Points of interest: 
Mountain, water and or meadow views, ideal for Shabbos walks.
Serene, fresh mountain air and spacious lots are nice for raising children. 
Tehachapi Mountain mixed conifer forests and Brite lake are just a few miles distance.
Amidst variety old growth oak trees.
Co-founded a century ago by Jewish pioneer Isadore Asher amongst others.
Home school, Lemudei Kodesh, On-line degree, and other Co-op options. 
Learning, parks, recreation, and some employment nearby. Ideal for work at home, fixed income, health and wealth preservation. 
Nearby activities: Learning, bicycle on road and or mountain biking, chess, art, music, judo, karate, science, gymnastics, basketball, softball, soccer, aviation, birding, hiking, equestrian, scouting and more.
The large Jewish population between Palmdale and Bakersfield will be drawn to a daily minyan and other benefits of a regular Torah community.

Kosher resources: Co-op, Cambridge Farms on Burbank Blvd., with some items closer by at Trader Joe's and local supermarkets.

Current and past learning and programs:
Parsha preview - ongoing weekly.
Daf Yomi, Maimonides 13 Principles of Jewish Faith. The' Kabbalist Hagadah', 'Mei HaShiloach' by R' Mordechai Yosef Lainer of Izbicy, and Sacred Fire, SeferTomer Devorah by Moses Cordovero. . study on line at The Open Yeshiva of Reb Hershy.
High Holiday preview Yom Kippur & Rosh Hashanah services. Simchat Beis Hashoeva Sukkah concert & party. Local Chanukah lighting by Chabad of Bakersfield. T'U B'shevat celebration. Purim Megilla readings. Bar Mitzvah, Erev Pessach Minyan/Siyum. LaG B'Omer hikes & picnic. Steinsaltz Talmud Global Event. Exodus Numbers. Josephus 'Against Apion' . Birchat Hachama . Edenics the Science of the Language of Eden 'Origins of the Speeches' etymology by I. Mozeson, Daf/Mishna/Halacha/NaCh Yomi see ou.org. Mishnayos/Talmud Brachos, Halacha Maaser Kesafim by Cyril Domb, Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, Rambam Mishnah Torah, 'Purim in the Persian Empire' by Y. Landy, 'Legacy of Sinai' by Z. Fendel.. 'Not by Chance' and 'Evolution Revolution' by Dr. Lee Spetner. 
Hassidic Rabbi Yaacov Yisroel on the Nesivos Sholom study on line. 
Home of  'The Moshe Emes' series:
The Recent Complex Creation Framework (RCCF) six principles to align Torah and Science. 
'Distant Starlight and Torah' with SPIRAL cosmological redshift hypothesis and cosmology model.
The Torah Discovery Chronology 'Abraham until the Exodus' and 'Untying a Knot'
result: Torah and Science reconciled! 

Why a Torah observant congregation when many are from other backgrounds? Having a congregation guided by strict adherence to Halacha is the most inclusive. 
Hashem wanted to give us merit so he gave us Torah full of  Mitzvot (Mishna Makos on Isaiah 42:21).
We will observe the Mitzvot till the end of time (Ezekiel 37:24). 

'Learn More' 
Contact: Roger M. at: rmp@torahdiscovery.org
Phone: 661-221-2837 or 661-221-8588

Torah Discovery Center 
Tehachapi CA. 93561

Year 5,779 AM 

Of Blessed Memory / ZL - AH

With gratitude to those named belowPlease G-d for an Aliyas Nishamah /elevation of their soulnes Iyar 5

ah Esther (Ida Pearlman) b. Moshe & Chana Mines Iyar 5

Teviah Velvel (Thomas Wolfe) b. Yitzchak Pearlman Nissan 29
Miriam (Pearlman) bas Akiva (& Pearl Leah Vogel) Cheshvan 13

Akiva (Charles) ben Pinchas ben Binyamin Vogel Cheshvan 2

Pearl Leah (Pauline Vogel) bas David & Rebecca Hacker Av 9

Yehoshua Pinchas b. Teviah Velvel & Miriam Pearlman Nissan 8

Chana Binah(Ann Brenda) bas Teviah Velvel & Miriam Cheshvan 16

Yitzchak (Israel) ben Abraham & Anna Pearlman Kislev 14
Chayah Esther (Ida Pearlman) b. Moshe & Chana Mines Iyar 5a5btseleb Berenice Raskas Lyons Kislev 14

Izzy (Zelig Ben Yoseph) Asher

Geoff Braslow 
Toby (Tuviah) Gross
Meir Ruhman 
Brian Philip Wolfe