Tehachapi Torah Discovery Center

Torah Discovery in Tehachapi CA. 93561
Phone: 661-221-8588
E-Mail: rmp@torahdiscovery.org 

Torah Study, home of the 'Moshe Emes' Torah and Science alignment series.

Walk to Shul: if/when adequate interest, daily and/or Shabbos minyan w/in walk to shul.

Vacation or Year round. Healthy, Serene, Affordable, Relax, Recharge and Learn More.

'Twice the Home for Half the Money' 
Walk to shul - pending..
Great locations/views.
Priced from:
4-5 bed 2-3  bath Houses $400k
Starter homes $250k
1-2 bed condos and co-ops 150k-250k
Buildable Lots $35k Custom homes $200 SF
Lease: Apartments $1,000, Houses $2,000.
Tehachapi CA. 93561
100 miles/minutes, from Cambridge Farms Kosher supermarket on Burbank Blvd.
50 Miles/minutes to Trader Joes and Costco..
Many items avialable locally.

Healthy and Serene. Points of interest: 
Mountain, water and or meadow views, ideal for hiking, nature and Shabbos walks.
Serene, fresh mountain air, Tehachapi Mountain mixed conifer forests and Brite lake are just a few miles distance. Amidst variety old growth oak trees.
Co-founded a century ago by Jewish pioneer Isadore Asher amongst others.
Home school, Lemudei Kodesh, On-line degree, and other Co-op options. 
Learning, parks, recreation, and some employment nearby.
Ideal for work at home, fixed income, health and wealth preservation. 
Nearby activities: Learning, bicycle on road and or mountain biking, aviation including gliding, birding, hiking, equestrian, scouting, Tehachapi Loop and railroad museam, Tehachapi Museam, and much more.

Daily week-day Torah and Science teaching of the 'Moshe Emes' series. 
Sunday community torah study group.
Daf Yomi.

'The Moshe Emes' series:
The Recent Complex Creation Framework (RCCF) six principles to align Torah and Science. 
'Distant Starlight and Torah' with SPIRAL cosmological redshift hypothesis and model.
The Torah Discovery Chronology '(TDC) Abraham until the Exodus' and 'Untying a Knot'
result: Torah and Science reconciled! 

'Learn More' 
Contact: Roger M. at: rmp@torahdiscovery.org
Phone: 661-221-8588

Torah Discovery Center 
Tehachapi CA. 93561

Year 5780 Anno Mundi

Of Blessed Memory / ZL - AH

With gratitude to those named belowPlease G-d for an Aliyas Nishamah /elevation of their soulnes Iyar 5

ah Esther (Ida Pearlman) b. Moshe & Chana Mines Iyar 5

Teviah Velvel (Thomas Wolfe) b. Yitzchak Pearlman Nissan 29
Miriam (Pearlman) bas Akiva (& Pearl Leah Vogel) Cheshvan 13

Akiva (Charles) ben Pinchas ben Binyamin Vogel Cheshvan 2

Pearl Leah (Pauline Vogel) bas David & Rebecca Hacker Av 9

Yehoshua Pinchas b. Teviah Velvel & Miriam Pearlman Nissan 8

Chana Binah(Ann Brenda) bas Teviah Velvel & Miriam Cheshvan 16

Yitzchak (Israel) ben Abraham & Anna Pearlman Kislev 14
Chayah Esther (Ida Pearlman) b. Moshe & Chana Mines Iyar 5a5btseleb Berenice Raskas Lyons Kislev 14

Izzy (Zelig Ben Yoseph) Asher

Geoff Braslow 
Toby (Tuviah) Gross
Meir Ruhman 
Brian Philip Wolfe